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A career with British Airways isn't all about being in the air as a pilot or one of our cabin crew.We have over 40,000 people in all kinds of roles and business areas, all going above and beyond to deliver our promise to around 37 million customers every year.Dates are opportunities to show they care It can be truly said that flight attendants breathe caring for people.They are trained to compassion for passengers and that leads into their personal lives. When they are away from the sink, they wash their hands with bottled alcohol.

I used to work for Ulster Bank as a Savings & Investment Advisor, but myself and two friends took a redundancy package to go travelling. We get our schedules once a month, and we fly on average between 80 and 100 hours in a month. This time, my destinations have included Vienna, Milan, New York, Sydney and Auckland, where I plan to take a few days off. After that, you may get invited to a one-to-one interview.* Interview day is almost like a knockout stage. I didn’t know a lot of that before I arrived, so I found it really helpful. You have Friday and Saturday off, but there are long days, with a lot of information. You need to study, and there’s always new information coming. It’s different coming from the West, of course, and I wasn’t very educated about Islam until I went to Dubai. Now, I can get back for Christmas, weddings, a whole lot more. I came back from Milan recently, and I was sitting in my jump seat looking out the window. On long-hauls, we work the whole flight, but there is a rest strategy and full beds in special crew rest compartments, complete with crew pyjamas and movies! I’ve also met some of the most incredible people on board.

We communicate what's going on with our pilot and we talk to a doctor on the ground with Med Link, who will advise us on what to do.

We have an automated external defibrillator, which would check the heart rate and things like that, and we're able to convey this information to a doctor on the ground, and the doctor makes the decision whether to divert the plane or to continue on.

So it's a little surprising that there is still so much about the world of commercial aviation that's shrouded in mystery. We get what's left over of the fresh food after the passengers have been fed. We do the beverage service, the meal service, we pick up, do the dessert service, we pick up again, and then we start taking breaks. And they give you a chance to sleep or listen to music or just relax -- whatever you want to do. For me, I only slept a couple of hours and then I got up and it got really bumpy. What happens when someone gets really sick or dies mid-flight?

To answer all those burning questions we had about flying and the people who ensure we do it safely, we turned to Annette Long, a flight attendant with 13 years of experience. Read more: * Flight attendant one of the most stressful jobs * A hazing ritual forced Chinese female flight attendants into overhead bins * Flight attendant says this is the most common misconception about her job What's the most desirable flight for a flight attendant to work? You really are so tired, you can't even type on Facebook, 'I'm home now.' On the day after your trip you close the blinds, you may or may not answer the phone. Half of the crew heads to the crew rest bunks for four hours while the other half stay up. What happens if you hit turbulence when you're up there? They will never 'die' on the flight -- we don't pronounce them.

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We have a saying: 'One girl's trash is another girl's treasure.' When I posted on my Facebook page that I was flying to Beijing, one of my friends wrote, 'Better you than me.' She likes to fly domestic, and there are a lot of my friends who love to fly domestic. And then there are people who only want to fly international. The bunks, which are up a very small spiral staircase in the tail of the plane, are small. If somebody gets really sick, we have a connection to a company called Med Link.

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