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In addition, I posited, black and white cinematography could be uniquely stunning.Concluding with a flourish, I stated that many of the best older titles offered something that too many new movies lack: namely, quality scripts and stories.He became unwittingly involved with a Nazi German spy ring (fronted by a charitable organization) when he guessed the weight of a raffle cake - hiding microfilm - at a village fair, the film's Mac Guffin.While investigating the enemy network behind everything, he found himself accused by Scotland Yard of an agent's murder, and became warily involved with beautiful German expatriate and Austrian refugee Carla Hilse (Marjorie Reynolds).You might also enjoy perusing our list of 20 Free Hitchcock Films.The threat of invasion and subversion in the Cold War era led Americans to seek consensus and conformity, in politics and in culture.

Cast: Paul Robeson, Dudley Digges, Frank Wilson, Fredi Washington, Ruby Elzy. Mae West as Lady Lou, a toughlady with a heart of gold, who dallys with assorted beaus, becomes entangled in murder, saves a Bowery mission and still has enough energy left to belt out a tune or two! Includes the memorable performance of Paul Robeson singing "Ol' man river." 110 min. "Only Make Believe." In: American cinema of the 1930s : themes and variations / edited by Ina Rae Hark. As the South finally crumbles down around her, Scarlett devises a way to overcome starvation in order save herself and her family during the war and the following years of reconstruction. It tells the story of a black man in a small Mississippi town who is accused of murdering a white man known to be his adversary. Eventually he and his family must confront the racism of the idyllic New Hampshire town he's served for decades. Sapphire disappears -- The gun-- The turkey dinner -- Superfine brush-- Cousin Effie's will. The sudden celebrity of the choir however jeopardizes her hidden identity. DVD X7148; vhs 919 Directed by Steve Anderson; produced by Oliver Stone. Based on Donald Bakeer's best seller about gang life, "Crips". DVD X4835; vhs 932 Writer/director, Anthony Drazan. At an early age, the boys began working for one of the local bosses, Gus. "Hegemony in Black and White: Interracial Buddy Films and the New Racism." In: Cultural diversity and the U. With the help of his friend, Tom finds the strength to testify against his father. Coleman Silk is a respected professor at a New England college who suddenly finds his life unraveling after a comment he makes about some African-American students is misinterpreted as a racial slur.

Regarding me in a direct but matter-of-fact way, she said: “I won’t watch black and white movies, and most of my friends won’t either.” She went on to explain that from what she’d seen of these dusty old relics, they were slow, talky, and the acting seemed forced.

Trying hard to hide my dismay, I replied that she and her pals were depriving themselves of some of the greatest films ever made.

Movies should be judged — at least partially — in the context of their time, I continued.

Before the advent of the “Method,” on-screen acting techniques were indeed closer to the broader traditions of the theater, but you could still find plenty of amazing performances in older movies.

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