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The first thing I noticed was how difficult it was to like things on Facebook.As I scrolled through updates, my finger instinctively gravitated towards the Like button on hundreds of posts and comments. I saw updates I liked or wanted others to know I liked, and I found myself almost unconsciously clicking my approval.The company has yet to confirm whether the new feature will be coming to Android devices, but that it is part of plans to make Facebook more social.“We are always working to make Facebook a more visual and engaging place to have conversations," Facebook told Mashable in a statement."So we're testing multiple design updates in News Feed, including a more conversational way to comment on posts.”The news is the latest update to come to Facebook recently as the company continues to evolve and change its mobile offerings.I know more than a few people immediately tried to update their plugins, assuming something broke, when it wasn’t the plugin’s fault at all.However, it is a problem that requires a little knowledge of how social sharing plugins work. On the other hand, you probably should have noticed and known about this some time ago, since the change that caused It’s just tricky the way Facebook went about it, and it’s not something anyone expected to linger, so we have to deal with the fallout now. Before we get to it, though, I’d like to discuss the reasoning behind the problem and why it’s a problem in the first place.Way back at the end of August, webmasters started to notice something distressing with their social sharing buttons.Some brands may not have noticed right away, while others saw it immediately.

I felt as though my ability to communicate had been somehow hobbled.

in the facebook tab and it didn't show that up when facebook didn't work. I have been using firefox for 3 years already and up until now there is a problem with facebook on firefox.

I already reset it to factory settings, restart firefox, restart pc, restart router, clear cache and nothing works. Sometimes facebook works, when it works it says redirecting... Read this answer in context , your problem is probably caused by an extension, and you need to figure out which one.

Users are set for a shake-up in how their mobile app looks, with posts and updates soon due to appear even more similar to the company’s existing Messenger app.

The change was first spotted over the weekend, and appears to alter the look of how comment threads look on Facebook mobile’s posts.

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On August 1st, 2014, I announced that I was going to quit liking things on Facebook.

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