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So critical in fact, that parenting experts report that it’s one of the most important things a parent can do to foster healthy psychological development in their children (Read: The Power of Validation by Karyn D. Denying someone’s feelings and emotional experience can make them feel like they’re going insane!

Validation is a critical communication tool and expression of love and acceptance in relationships. What’s scary, it can be one of the most subtle and inadvertent abuses.

Your partner is basically saying that your opinion or feelings don't count.

It could because they don't agree with them or they're uncomfortable dealing with them.

When your partner is shutting down your ability to communicate — turning your relationship into a one-sided conversation — they're killing any chance the two of you have at making it. And then, since you're "not really unhappy, just being sensitive," there's no need to talk about why you're unhappy.

Ihr habt die Möglichkeit mithilfe der Kommentar-Funktion Impulse für neue Themen zu geben, auf die ich versuche, so gut es geht, einzugehen.

If you watch closely, you will see the person being invalidated flinch, withdraw, or become defensive. It is abusive, and it occurs outside of most people’s consciousness. He will feel emotions, be afraid of them, and repress them.

Most individuals don’t know that they are causing harm. A 3-year old boy is crying because he skinned his elbow falling off his tricycle. The girl that was interested in him will find him cold, aloof and emotionally unavailable. This pattern repeats itself in adulthood, leading to Dad, the three-year-old 20 years ago, now telling his boy to man up and stop being a sissy.

Every decision, every behavior and every motivation we experience is driven by our emotions.

And yet, our culture says that raw emotions are bad.

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Dabei wünschen sich viele Jugendliche einen offeneren Umgang damit - sowohl im Elternhaus, im Freundeskreis als auch in der Schule.